Facebook Page UP!!

Promoted Tails In Motion Facebook Page.  I’ll be posting event info and title results on Facebook, and other information and reminders on Facebook, as well as here on the website.  Want to know what is happening??  Keep your eye on both spots.

THANK YOU to all that helped!

January 2015 USDAA Trail Thanks all that helped out this past weekend.  The trial was the biggest I have ever held.  On Friday we had 377runs, Saturday 455runs, and Sunday 412runs, for a total of 1244runs!  That is 415 more runs than 2014. The Minnesota Agility Community ROCKS!  I posted a volunteer schedule on the gate board, and you basically took care of it by yourselves.  Thank you so much!  In all my judging assignments, I’m not aware of anyplace else that this happens.  Thank you to all the course builders, (that made very fast courses changes), to all the ring crew, scribes, timers, gate, and the three scorekeepers (Lauri, Jacque, Niki).  If a call was made, someone jumped in quickly.  This kept the trial running very quickly. Thank you Judy Riley!  You had AWESOME courses, and they were all well nested.  Also, keeping the time between classes to a minimum.  Friday Ran from 10:00am – 8:00pm, Saturday 8:00am – 7:45pm, and Sunday 8:00am – 5:30pm. Lots of titles earned that past weekend.   Terry Harren & Panic earned a PDCH, Randy Holford & Quantum earned a MAD, Kaitlyn Harren & AMP’D earned a ADCH, Luann Tillman & Streak earned a PDCH, Cheryl Morris & Karma, and Joni Steinbach & Sport earned their ADCH Bronze.  Congrats to all!    ...