Class will start on Monday April 4, 2022!!

 This will be held OUTSIDE at 13128 Hillton Rd, Little Falls, MN.

Due to the State Restrictions – Please only 1 owner for each dog in class.

Please dress for the weather!   Cost is $70 for 6 weeks of class.

Puppy Classes

7 weeks – 6 months Got a new puppy? This is the time to expose your new puppy to different situations and experiences. It is also the time to lay down the foundation for all your future training and bond with your new companion. It is often the time when good dogs become great dogs.
Some of the topics covered: Basic Obedience, House Training, Grooming, Handling, Vet Visits, Socializing, Playing, and Individualized training.


Adult Classes

6 months and older In Foundation class you will be learning how to develop a positive working relationship between you and your dog.
Some of the topics covered: How to and guidelines for rewarding behaviors, Behavior shaping, basic commands (sit, stay, down, come, leave it), walking on a leash, greeting behaviors, a brief introduction to agility and teaching those popular tricks.
Also worked on is individual issues, from house training to chewing.


Spring/Summer/Fall Schedule

Classes are held on Monday Evening, for 1 hour, meeting for 6 weeks.  Cost – $70.00

My classroom is a large fenced in area OUTSIDE!  Please dress for the weather.

Adult Class 6:00pm               Puppy Class 7:00pm

Start DATES: 2022

April 4, June 6, July 25 Sept 19

For a Registration Form, click   Obedience Class Registration

Private Lessons Available

Private Lessons are set by appointment only.  If you have a dog that is reactive to other dogs, then maybe a private would be better suited for you.

1 hour lesson – $35

Please contact me for available times.